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10 Silk Slip Skirts for Fall that AREN'T Leopard

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Unless you live under a rock (or your desk, or a pile of your kid’s laundry) you know that the leopard midi skirt is having a M O M E N T right now. But what if you want ti indulge on the trend without completely being a carbon copy of quite literally every one else out there? We’ve picked out TEN options that aren’t leopard but will still look chic AF all season (or YEAR) long.

Dying for Tie Dye: How to Wear the Trend at Any Age

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Trends are a little funny, aren’t they? Just as you clean out your closet of things you feel like will never come back in style they do. It’s a vicious cycle of waiting the 20 or so years for trends to cycle back around, and who knows where we’ll be in 20 years?

20 years ago I was a mere tween, wearing the bold print loud and proud, and even DIYing some pieces at summer camp. Youch, it’s been that long. Now that it’s back around, though, I’m digging through my vintage bins and old DIY projects and pulling out some pieces to pair alongside some new cuts. After all, every trend resurgence comes with a little bit of an upgrade.

While I believe style doesn’t know gender or age, there’s certain ways to make tie dye look cool and cohesive with your current wardrobe. I’ll break these down by age, sharing some styling tips and tricks to make you look your best when riding the colorful waves.

How to Wear Tie Dye in your 20s

Your 20s are all about being bold and embracing trends to in a maximalist sense. Go for the brightest and boldest colors while you can, embracing head to toe tie dye or bold casual pieces like oversized sweaters and skateboard sneakers. I love a tie dye bike short with a cropped or oversized sweatshirt and some colorful sandals or slides. Even better if you can DIY yourself some tie dye pieces in your favorite colors.

How to Wear Tie Dye in your 30s

Once you’re in your 30s you want to be taken a little bit more seriously; you’re established in your career and interested in flexing your style skills, showing that you can seamlessly work trends into your closet of curates staples mixed with quick trends. You can still have some fun with color, but I’d tame it down ever so slightly to something a little less loud. The tie dye should be more linear, almost intentional in your pieces, and less like the splotchy DIYaesthetic. Pair your swirly dyed piece with a matching or complimentary colored basic to bring the whole thing to a trendy monochromatic.

How to Wear Tie Dye in your 40s

As we mature, our style must mature with us. In your 40s we’re going to bring trends a bit more tailored and polished. Take the classic tie dye trend and imprint it on unexpected fabrics and silhouettes and then wear it stylishly. For color, I would stick with one to two color tie dyes, forgoing (for the most part) the ubiquitous bold and brights that scream “young and wild and free”. Unless that's your vibe; like I said these are just some guidelines based on age but in the end, you are the master of how old you FEEL.

How to Wear Tie Dye at 50

If you’re in your 50s and above you’ve probably seen the tie dye trend come and go a number of times (the flower power child of the 70s, the grunge vibes of the 90s, and again now). You’re over having fun with the bright and bold, and you may be done with the corporate world, or close to it, and you still want to have fun with style and trends. At this age, we’re going to take some pieces from what the 40year olds are wearing, but bring it casual and drapey - comfort is absolute key. I love keeping it classic in a shibori dyed (blue indigo, a concept done mostly in Japan) and bringing it into your favorite silhouettes and then wearing them with classic and simple basics that are on the same level of casual.

How to Wear Tie Dye at any age

What do you think of the tie dye trend? Would love to know how YOU would feel confident wearing these pieces!

Spring's Must-Have Skirt is the SLIP SKIRT

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Unless you’ve been living in your own world, then you know the printed silky slip skirt is EVERYWHERE right now! We love the versatility of this piece - it can be worn with a cozy knit sweater and slides, a casual tee shirt and sneakers, or a blouse and heels.

How to Wear Slip Skirts for Summer 2019
How to wear a slip skirt

Slip skirts are a new jean - a new neutral if you will. I have yet to see a wrong way to wear them, meaning you can have as much fun as possible with these!

Personally, your style guru behind Shop The City, Sahra loves this skirt with some flat slides or sneakers and a printed tee shirt - go big or go home!


Now, for which to shop. There’s the ubiquitous Realisation Paris version, but if you want something a little more accessible you can see below for our top picks.

Spring Trend: Monochromatic Sets

Trend WatchSahra
Monochromatic suiting is IN for Spring 2019

It’s spring which means it’s time to awaken to sunny mornings, long days, and closets full of bright color. Trending now? Full on Monochromatic suiting! We love this bold way to ring spring in and make a statement in the workplace, the streets, or wherever life takes you. Scroll down for our favorite inspirations, ways to shop, and ways to style this trend!

How to Style Monochromatics for Spring 2019
How to style Monochromatics for Spring 2019
How to Style Monochromatics for 2019
Monochromatic Suiting

Play with Contrast

Pair a simple top with a bold suit set to break up the monotony and be more approachable

How to Style Monochromatics for 2019
How to Style Monochromatics for Spring 2019
Bold Pink Suiting and Black Overcoat

Mixing Textures

silk meets wool in this monochrome fuchsia look, giving it dimension

Girls Trip MonoChromatic Dressing

Better with Friends

have the whole crew matching on your next girls trip

And now, let’s shop by color!

Trending for 2019: RAINBOWS

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Sometimes a trend comes a long so subtly but so perfectly that you can’t help but love it. This years easy and accessible trend is rainbow accents. From here, we’ll break it down by the inspirations, how to style rainbow accents, and end with some options for every budget. Scroll below to find your lucky charm at the end of this rainbow post!

The Inspiration

Hit TV shows like The Good Place, Blackish, Fuller House, and more are showcasing the coming trend of subtle rainbow accents, mostly in tops for their female stars. Top bloggers and style stars have quickly followed suit, working rainbows into their Outfits of The Day.

How to Style

When styling the rainbow you need to pick your style - are you going for BOLD? In which case, doing an all over rainbow piece like a dress or jumpsuit are the perfect pieces to wear the print loud and proud.

More of an eclectic styler? We love pairing a rainbow piece with a colored top or bottom (depending on the rainbow piece you’re wearing) that would complement the rainbow piece and show your style skills. Even better if its a subtle print like a small polka dot or plaid to play off the strips.

Now, if you want to dabble in the trend, I suggest going simple with just a rainbow accessory or top that has just one row of rainbow stripes as opposed to an all over print. I love the idea of a rainbow bag or rainbow shoes to make a simple outfit of jeans and a solid color top really pop.

TRENDING for 2019: How to Style Rainbows
TRENDING for 2019: How to Style Rainbows

The Goods (By Budget!)

Under $100 Rainbow Pieces

$100-$300 Rainbow Pieces

$300+ Rainbow Pieces

What’s your favorite piece? Will you be wearing any rainbow pieces in the coming seasons?

The Best Sweater Dresses for Every Budget

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Fall is in full swing and full on winter is upon us! While sweater dresses are a seasonal staple, it’s probably time to update your decades old staples to something more in the present. Scroll down for a look at 15+ sweater dresses for ANY budget and some styling inspirations!

How To Style a Sweater Dress

This is the most classicaly modern way to style a sweater dress; opt for one that hits above the knee and pair with over the knee boots (heel or no heel)

Sweater Dresses under $100

How to Style a Sweater Dress

A ribbed sweater dress is a perfect piece for 2018 - its slimming and flattering, and looks great with almost any shoe! We love it here paired with smart block heeled loafers, but would also love it with bright white sneakers or pointed toe flats.

Sweater Dresses $100-$300

How To Style A Sweater Dress - over jeans

we know fall is all about the layers, but this time take your sweater dress up a notch with jeans underneath! we love it here with white sneakers, but could see it working with bright colored loafers too.

Sweater Dresses $300-$500

How to Style a Sweater Dress

Take your sweater from drab to sexy with a little extra layer of lace! Paired with booties like shown or some pointed toe heels and you’re totally date night ready!

Sweater Dresses $500 +

There you have it - four ways to style a sweater dress and 10+ pieces to shop for ANY budget. Be sure to book your remote styling or personal shopping today to get more specific pieces and styles to buy for the season!

3 Coats To Buy Now

Trend WatchSahra

January blues got you down? Need a wardrobe update? Why not pep it up with the seasons hottest coat trends! Here's what we're loving now, and as always you can shop these styles on any of our It Girl tours!

1. The Teddy Bear Coat

It Girls are going crazy with the bear emoji, and this cozy jacket. The best part about this jacket is that it literally goes with any personal style; whether you're a jeans and a tee shirt kind of girl, a minimalist babe, and edgy girl, or a total trend babe, you can ROCK THIS style.


2. The Long Line Plaid

Trendy and minimalist babes line up and grab your plaid! This is a perfect overcoat and the length adds some extra warmth.


3. The Statements on the Sleeve

Can't decide if you want fur or a form fitting jacket? This trend pairs the best of both worlds in a totally fabulous way. You can go minimal with classic fur, or go bold with a bright color.

Fall 17 Color Report

Trend WatchSahra

We previously chatted about our favorite trends for the upcoming fall season. This week, we wanted to chat about the colors we're loving for fall!

First up, Burnt Orange (AKA: "Pumpkin Spice") is making a huge splash this fall! Not sure if that's because it reminds us of pumpkin spice everything or the rusty hue creates a warm fuzziness over our eyes but we LOVE IT.

Fall 2017 Color Trend Orange Pumpkin Spice

Next up, we'll go with "irridescent". While not a color per se, holographic hues are about to have a MAJ moment. Whether it's a shimmering knit, pearly nails, or shoes with a sheen, you can't go wrong with a little glimmer.

FW 2017 Color Trend Holographic

Millennials and Gen-Zers are in love with the fantastical; unicorns, and mermaids inspired the rise of Muted Teal through all facets of art and design for the coming season. This pretty hue pairs well with oranges and burgundy's for a bold statement, or even by itself or with a navy for a more monochromatic mod aesthetic.

FW 17 Color Trend Teal

What do you think of these colors for fall?  We're loving how versatile they are; they paid well with the ever-present-for-fall burgundy, mustard,  and navy tones, while also being beautiful stand alone hues for a monochromatic mod aesthetic.


Need help finding these color trends for fall? Book your Shop The City tour today and we'll get you fall ready!

The Hottest Things to Buy for Pre-Fall

Trend WatchSahra

August is here and with that comes back to school shopping (*cough*perfect opportunity for our teen tours*cough*) or, if you're an adult, fall style shopping! Even though we're still bikini clad it's time to start thinking about the layers to stock up on for fall. Here's what we're predicting to be the top trends that you NEED to buy now! Want to know where to shop them? Join us on an It Girl tour in any city and we'll make sure you're ready for fall with all the trends.

1. The Kimono Jacket - This silky layering piece gives a luxe PJ aesthetic that's perfect for dressing up or down.

2. Smart Slides - Flat slides, or flat mules if you will, give a bohemian yet tailored look to any outfit made even better if they have a pointed toe, fun print, or a special embellishment to make a statement.

3. Embroidered Denim - Bring back some 70s and 90s nostalgia with this cool trend - we love embroidered jackets with patches or floral appliqued trousers. The coolest part about this trend is the opportunity to customize and DIY - after all, true style is personal.

4. Netting - Fishnets are on an uptick; we love a fishnet top paired with a cool leather jacket, or fishnet tights peeking over jeans or even under at the ankle for a fun bit of edge.

5. Low Tops - Whether you're bougie with the embroidered Gucci's, or more casual with the Adidas Superstars, this trend is an instant street style hit for fall.

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

Book an It Girl Tour to shop these trends and more!

Trend Talk: Millennial Pink

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millennial pink

Believe it or not, but pink is the hottest color of the decade, but not just any pink. We're talking the newly coined "millennial pink"; a soft subdued hue reminiscent of pepto bismal and 80s décor. It's androgynous, which makes it perfect for our post-gender-identifying generation, while still being able to be feminine and masculine when it needs to be. It works for the home and the wardrobe, from rose gold and copper metals to lush velvets and crisp cottons. It's safe to say that millennial pink is our fave trend to look forward to this coming season.

Shop our fave Millennial Pink picks from our partner stores and shop online or on tour with us!

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