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Shopping can be SUCH a drag.

I know. I've been there. The mall is full of tired old stores, selling the same things that everyone else is wearing.

Sales people can be so pushy, and you never really know what you're looking for, or have anyone beside you to tell you, honestly, what looks good.

Your closet is uninspired. You want to stand out and be trendy, but you're sick of buying pieces made in sweatshops, or that will fall apart after three washes.

I get you, boo.

thrifting shopping.jpg

Let's go Shopping.

We'll start with a drink. What's your poison? Mimosa, Coffee, Tea?

From there, it's you, me, and the coolest shops in the city. We'll take you to the places that the It Girls shop at, find you pieces that make you feel confident. That make you feel like you can take on the streets, the brunch, the boardroom, and the world. Whatever you're shopping for, we promise to listen to what you want, what your concerns are, your budget, and most of all, you and your comfort!

Our Personal shopping experiences are 5-7 hours (all for one flat fee of $300) of shopping with an expert stylist who is a fashion industry veteran and access to their wealth of knowledge. And, because we have the ins with all the best shops, discounts!

It pays to shop with Shop The City!

It's like shopping with one of your best friends!

So what are you waiting for!? You're one click away from a confident and fabulous new you!