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Closet Audits + Personal Styling

Shop The City Clients are LOVING their new wardrobes!

 “Sahra is a remarkable stylist and I’ve really enjoyed working with her! I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast and I was desperate for someone to help me with the style/look transition and a closet audit. It was easy to book an appointment with Sahra on her site. She came to my home and we enjoyed mimosas while she patiently and diligently sorted through my wardrobe and helped me to come up with gorgeous looks for all occasions. She followed up with a look book and lots of outfit ideas and recommendations. I had such a great experience that I booked time with her again to help pull together more looks after a solo shopping trip. If you’re considering a stylist, I strongly recommend working with Sahra”

Julia S

“How many times have you wanted to go through your closet and get rid of what you don't wear, is out of fashion, in disrepair or isn't flattering?
Do you stand there staring at your closet feeling frustrated? 
That was me.
Then I gave myself the gift of Sahra! In only six hours, she transformed me, and my wardrobe as well.
Purging was refreshing & 8 bags of shoes and clothes later...I had a closet filled with organized outfits including my accessories. So many of my own items became fashionable right before my eyes. And if that isn't enough...she also follows up with an extinsive email with styling suggestions including links and photos of the outfits that she put together, me being the cool!!!! I'm looking forward to continued sessions with Sahra as the seasons change.
Give yourself this gift, it will keep on giving :)”

Kiersten V

“I have spent quite some time in contact with Sahra trying to understand how she could help me before actually reaching out for her services. She was very patient with me and tried her best to understand what I was trying to achieve with the little information I gave her. When she sent me my styling pics I was shocked to find some amazing pieces that were exactly what I was looking for and some unexpected pieces that added to my style. I'm happy to say that, though I had a few concerns with some pieces in my style guide, I was able to voice my concern with Sahra and get some updated styling options. I loved this experience. I am also happy that I was given a style lookbook to help guide me for future styling options. Can't wait to try these clothes on!”

Rebecca N.

“I have had a few sessions with Sahra and still look forward to having more in near future. Sahra is not only very knowledgeable about the principles of style but also very up to date on the latest trends and products for men. I lived in NYC for a number of years and I used to think that I have a good sense in dressing up, after spending time with Sahra I realized how much I didn't know. If you are struggling with your daily outfits, need the additional confidence that perfectly-coordinated clothing can bring, or are simply tired of wasting your money on clothes you never wear then you owe it to yourself to contact Sahra.”

Jeff S.

“Sahra is amazing. I really enjoyed my afternoon with her clearing out my closet and coming up with new outfit ideas. I loved that she used all of my current clothes as a starting point and I didn't feel like I HAD to run out immediately and buy a bunch of new clothes to replace everything. She was so patient with me and we went through every item in my closet. If something wasn't in the best shape, didn't fit my life, or didn't fit well, it was a goner. She then spent a bunch of time putting together personalized selections of possible additions to my closet with lots of ideas on brands and specific items I could add that would work with that I already have. I feel SO much better anytime i go in my closet now and i feel much more equipped to put together outfits every day. This was soooo worth every penny. Thanks, Sahra!”

Robin Q.

“Excellent experience! Will do it again!”

Margo F.

“I had the pleasure of getting a Remote Styling session. It was amazing to have exactly what I was looking for brought to life all through the comfort of my own home. I simply said what I wanted and Shop The City made it happen! She (Sahra) gave me a very long list of amazing picks for my new style. I've been wanting to change up my closet and now I know how to!”

Kayla D.

“Sahra did a totally awesome job organizing my closet, working with me to pick out some rad new outfits, and being super responsive the entire time. Even when I had some hesitancy on certain articles of clothing (buying or getting rid of), she was supportive and I always felt that she was on my side. In the end, every decision she helped me make was the right one. Would recommend her 100%.”

Alex B.

“I hired Shop The City (Sahra) to seriously take on my closet. I was ready to step up my professional image, and I wanted to start by having someone (with a great education and taste) give it the once over. I was extremely happy with her thoughtful and tactful approach to get me to liberate things that I'd had too long and consider things that would update my look. After our session, she send me my styling picks, which gave a vision and action items to keep the progress going. I'll happily hire Sahra again when I'm ready for my next step.”

Margot F.

“I’ve know Sahra (the owner) for years. She has a great eye for style and truly listens to personal style preferences and can find great items on a budget!”

Briana S.

“Super fun!! I love shopping, and this was a really awesome way to learn about and visit some unique shops in DC with friends. On our way to the first store, our guide gave us the run down of the day and current trends. We visited a couple of chain stores first (Zara, Cos) then went to a few local boutiques and stores. I thought they did an absolutely amazing job keeping to our groups style and budget, but still visited some unique places. I got some really great pieces. It's also a really great way to get away from the museums and "go where the locals go" in DC. Highly recommended for bachelorette parties, friends on vacation, etc.”

Rachel B.

“I had the opportunity to check out Shop the City on a preview tour in Washington, D.C. It was a blast! We met in Georgetown and with the advice of our stylist stopped as several trendy places that I had never visited before, including Violet Boutique. Then we made our way to a personalized shopping experience at Refine Boutique, and topped off our day at 14th Street where we stopped for some much-needed caffeine and some cute consignment at Current Boutique. 

I had so much fun and the service was amazing! This would be a great experience for a girls trip to D.C. or a bachelorette party. Highly recommend!”

Carolyn S.