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Remote Styling

What's included in the Remote Styling fee? - With Remote Styling we'll have a chat over Skype or Facetime. We'll discuss your current wardrobe situation, your goals, what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable, etc.

After our 1-3 hour chat, I'll prepare an email with links to items I think will pair well for the coming season and with items already in your closet. Once you pick out what you're going to buy, it will arrive and we'll have another Skype or Facebook session where we review the fit and how to pair it with other new items, as well as pieces you already own!

Are there any discounts available? - We are currently working with some retailers to offer a special discount for Shop The City shoppers.


Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

What's included in the Closet Audit experience? - We'll start with coffee or a mimosa, supplied by moi, as we chat about your current wardrobe, goals, etc. Then we'll take it to the closet. I'll make piles of your items, review the fit and condition of the items, and see what can be kept, stored, or donated. I'll help you organize your clothes into something that makes sense and will be accessible for ease of getting dressed each morning.

After that, it's time to fill your closet with the shiny and new! We'll spend 3-5 hours shopping (this can be done on the same day or a separate day) in your area, where I'll help you find clothes that are on style, fit well, and can be paired with other new items or items already in your closet!

What if I don't want the Closet Audit but still want to go shopping? -  We can totally do that! Instead of spending a few hours confined to the wardrobe we'll spend that extra time hitting the shops and searching for style!

Any tips for before we get started? - Absolutely! Sign up for our emailing list and get access to our Five Key Ingredients for an Organized Closet.

Are there any discounts to the shops we go to? - We've partnered with some of our favorite local boutiques to get you the best price on your new wardrobe. Discounts range from a free gift to 50% off in some shops! It pays to shop with us.



What is your refund policy? – Services canceled up to 72 hours in advance will received full refund. Tours cancelled 72 to 24 hours in advance will receive a 50% refund. Last minute cancellations will be charged the full amount. We understand life happens and sometimes you can't make it, so we can evaluate on a case by case basis.

What if my tour is canceled because of inclement weather? – Sometimes the weather is a drag. In times of inclement weather (blizzards, hurricanes, etc) we will cancel the tour for your safety. In the event of this we will try to offer you the next available safe day to tour or we can provide you with a full refund.

What if there's a no show? – No shows will be charged the full amount.


Shopping Tours FAQs

Shopping for 5 hours - is lunch included? – While a formal lunch is not included we will have the opportunity to grab a coffee or quick bite at a totally 'grammable hangout.

Is there a maximum number of guests allowed to book at once? – For ease of shopping and to keep things timely we ask that you try to keep your group under 12 people.

What if I want to keep my group or party intimate? – We can definitely work with you to provide a closed-group experience. Please send us an email with your date in mind and what you are looking for.

What is included in the ticket price? – With your ticket price you'll get a guided tour by a personal stylist, a tote bag to store all your purchases in, a map of all the stores we shop at, as well as special discounts to our partner stores.

Why are some tours more expensive than others? – Some of our tours require a chartered bus to transport you between all of the great shops. Chartered buses, though adding to the expense, come with more perks.


Are there any discounts offered from the shops we visit?– We have partnered with a number of stores on each tour to offer a special discount to shoppers. Shopping with us has it's perks!

Are the pick up and drop off locations the same? – Unfortunately, due to the tour covering a bit of ground your ending point may not be where we started, but will be close to public transportation and our guides will be there to ensure you get where you need to be safely.

If you book with a hotel pick up, you can get dropped back off anywhere you'd like within reason.

Is there a strict time frame for the tour? – Our tours are designed to work perfectly, but understand sometimes you have more fun than others. The 5 hours time limits is a general frame.

Is there a strict time frame per store? – There is not! If you're having fun feel free to enjoy it, but please be mindful of the other tour members who may be ready to move on.

I see that you're in NYC and DC - any plans to expand?– Absolutely! We hope to expand to more cities soon so be sure to subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about our next cities!

What if I want to stop at a store that's not on the tour?– We want to make this shopping experience the best possible for you! We're happy to make any additional stops but ask that you be mindful of the other members of the tour.