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How to Shop Used Items and Still Look Like a Million Bucks


Last week we chatted about how style stars and influencers are renting their pieces to look stylish on a budget (and also not overcrowding their closets).

Not into the bidding and waiting? It’s time to shop RESALE.

Shopping The Real Real

The number one place I suggest is TheRealReal; what’s great about them is that they have a team of buyers who choose the best pieces based on condition, style, and of course, proper authentication. Since there’s no bidding, you can easily browse their site and find amazing pieces for great prices, albeit it may be more than you could potentially find it for on eBay, but again, it comes with a lack of stress.

Another favorite site I love for shopping consignment is Current Boutique - a DC based, woman owned business that has been growing over the past few years! I love that you can send them your pre-loved gems and earn credit/money for future purchases (like these Lucky Brand jeans I scored there last fall). AND If you’re in the DC area you can shop in-person at any of their four locations!

Want to shop IRL? Head to Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading for great deals all the time. Especially here on the West Coast I’ve found Crossroads to be a haven for affordable gems; I’ve found everything from Alice and Olivia pants (for $35!) to a Helmut Lang skirt for $20, a vintage Fendi bag for $75, and so much more. BONUS: If you bring in items to sell to one of these shops you can instant money back or store credit - something I LOVE to use whenever I’m there!

Shopping Consignment Stores Can be worth the Deals

Lastly, of course, there are the consumer to consumer re-sale sites like Tradesy, Poshmark, ThredUp, DePop, et cetera. In my experience, I’ve found these great for “fast fashion” brands, but designer labels tend to have inflated prices. However, especially on PoshMark, people can send you exclusive deals and you can barter with people for an item you absolutely love. I recently paid $125 for a pair of Christian Louboutin espadrilles (perfect for spring!).

There you have it - more ways to shop designer styles without breaking the bank!