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Four Tools You Need for a Better Wardrobe NOW


Normally on here we talk about the clothes; what's in style, what to wear now, how to put looks together. Today I want to talk about some of the tools that will help you get a more organized and cleaner wardrobe, before or after your audit.

1. Velvet Hangers

 These non-slip hangers are perfect for the woman's wardrobe; they help soft fabrics keep their shape without stretching out the knits. Having all of your hangers the same style creates a uniform aesthetic that helps you better see your clothes without the distraction of varying colors of plastic, metal, and wood.

2. A Steamer

Ever wondered how some people always look so put together? More often than not it's that their clothes are pressed, ironed, or steamed to get out the kinks that let everyone else know that the item has been living in a stuffed drawer or closet for god knows how long. At Shop The City we prefer a steamer; its softer on delicate fabrics but works to smooth lines out of everything from silk to linen to cashmere all in one handy item. 

3. A Closet Extender

If you’ve ever wished you had more space in your closet, then this is the tool for you. We like to use this tool in our closets to hang skirts and bottoms, alleviating some of the stress and bulkiness on the main closet rod (for those of use who don’t have built in double rows of rods).

4. The Sweater Stone

The number one killer of sweaters in a closet (besides moths, I suppose) is the normal wear and tear adding pills to your sweaters. BUT there is a way to get your sweater to it’s shiny new gory - a sweater stone. The one linked above removes lint and pilling in a matter of seconds.

Have you tried any of these tools?