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“Sahra is amazing. I really enjoyed my afternoon with her clearing out my closet and coming up with new outfit ideas. I loved that she used all of my current clothes as a starting point and I didn't feel like I HAD to run out immediately and buy a bunch of new clothes to replace everything. She was so patient with me and we went through every item in my closet. If something wasn't in the best shape, didn't fit my life, or didn't fit well, it was a goner. She then spent a bunch of time putting together personalized selections of possible additions to my closet with lots of ideas on brands and specific items I could add that would work with that I already have. I feel SO much better anytime i go in my closet now and i feel much more equipped to put together outfits every day. This was soooo worth every penny. Thanks, Sahra!”

- Robin Q.

“I was ready to step up my professional image, and I wanted to start by having someone (with a great education and taste) give it the once over. I was extremely happy with her thoughtful and tactful approach to get me to liberate things that I'd had too long and consider things that would update my look. After our session, she send me my styling picks, which gave a vision and action items to keep the progress going. I'll happily hire Sahra again when I'm ready for my next step.

- Margot F

“Sahra did a totally awesome job organizing my closet, working with me to pick out some rad new outfits, and being super responsive the entire time. Even when I had some hesitancy on certain articles of clothing (buying or getting rid of), she was supportive and I always felt that she was on my side. In the end, every decision she helped me make was the right one. “

- Alex B

“Thank you for this! I bought a ton of stuff. This was the easiest shopping ever! You saved me so much time!!!”

- Charlotte P

"I had so much fun and the service was amazing! This would be a great experience for a girls trip to D.C. or a bachelorette party. Highly recommend!"

- Carolyn S

 "I’ve known Sahra (the owner) for years. She has a great eye for style and truly listens to personal style preferences and can find great items on a budget!"

- Briana S

"Really great shopping experience! It was really fun to have a curated experience - I learned about so many stores I never knew about previously. The champagne during the tour was a nice touch!"

- Rachel B